How It Actually Works


Campaigners will create a fundraising campaign and share their stories, videos, pictures, themes and other information with family and friends. These can be shared via multiple social media sites including Facebook, Google+, Twitter, email etc.

Technology & Security

To ensure the funds are donated securely, the platform will be linked with numerous secured popular payment gateways. Donors can use numerous payment options including card payment, online transfers, digital wallets, direct bank payments etc to make donations. Post successfully receiving the donation/fund, campaigners or fundraisers can post updates and share their regards with the donor. Regardless of whether the project reaches its goal, the fundraiser can use the collected funds for their project or cause.

Fundraising Campaign Types

There are numerous types of fundraising campaigns including charity fundraising, personal campaign and others. The donations received will be directly linked to the charitable institute's account or the campaigners account as per the company policy.


On the other hand, donors can explore various campaigns using advanced search filters, add some campaigns in favorite list, ask appropriate questions to campaign organizers and donate those campaigns which are convenient for them.

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